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PLEASE NOTE: Now that Mirage is in its "ramping down" phase, Katie (our entire shipping department) is only working on Mondays and Wednesdays - so anything ordered from the site will only be shipped on those days. This means it can take quite a few weeks before an order goes out our door.
If you chose "priority mail" shipping that ONLY means the order will be sent via priority mail, it does not mean the order will be packed and shipped quickly. Orders are filled on a first-in/first-out basis regardless of the shipping method chosen during check out.
Order Confirmations are NOT sent due to time constraints. If you got a receipt from Paypal, rest assured that we have your order and it is in the queue and will be shipped out as quickly as possible.
Please order separately from other items or you may be charged for shipping.
Orders received by December 15 will arrive in time for Christmas.
To celebrate the holiday season, here's a new TMNT grab bag:
grab bag

The TMNT 2018 Holiday Grab Bag includes:

1) Mirage Studios' exclusive Playmates Toys vacuum-metalized Fugitoid figure.

2) TMNT Collected Book Volume One Second Printing from 1989 (fine condition).

3) "Turtle Power" TMNT Documentary DVD.

PRICE: $100.00 postage included!

Only available for U.S.A. residents.