TMNT Adventures Special #8


Cover: Milton Knight

Scripts: Milton Knight and Mark Bode

Artists: Milton Knight and Mark Bode

Colors: Barry Grossman and MArk Bode

Letters: Mary Kelleher and Mark Bode

First Printing: Spring , 1994

Number of story pages: 48

"Cleaver's Critters"
By Milton Knight

Cudley the Cowlick is hit by another space traveller, ejecting the Turtles from her mouth and sending them falling to the home of Cleaver, a baby capable of creating wacky creatures by sneezing. 39 pages.

"Ninjara VS Mondo Dog Catcher"
By Mark Bode

Ninjara and Raph free canines from a maniacal, costumed dog catcher. 6 pages.

Space crash!
TMNT take on some toughs.
ninjara and raph
The sneezing power is contagious.
Ninjara and Raph defeat Mondo Dog Catcher and his annoying attack chihuahuas.

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