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January 4, 2021

Howdy folks,

Mirage is no longer offering a signing service - items sent to us will be returned without a signature. Peter no longer comes into the office frequently enough to keep up with the demand.

Please spread the word around on the forums and social media. Thank you very much!

Peter found some PLANET RACERS Volume Two books, so we now have individual copies of that trade paperback and complete sets of the PR trilogy on the PLANET RACERS ordering page.

Mirage CEO Gary Richardson is listing some of his TMNT collection on ebay. His ebay handle is garshop23.

Well, after a loooooong stay-at-home order from the Massachusetts Governor, we're back in the office. Hopefully the pandemic curve will continue to decrease and we'll be around for the rest of the year - but if the infection rate surges, we'll be back to isolation and shipping items could be delayed indefinitely. So with that in mind... check out our eBay auctions:

Coming up Sunday, January 9: Michaelangelo Cold Cast Statue from Playmates Toys (2003), French 40 watt bulb lamp and coat hanger set (1992), French Kid's 9-10 Years T-Shirt + French TMNT Adventures Collected Hardback Lot (circa 1991), TMNT Movie I VHS Tape (1997), & Fast Forward Sample Backpack & Lunch Bag Lot (2006).

Stay well, everyone!!!

Now that Mirage is in its "ramped down" phase, Katie (our entire shipping department) is only working on Mondays and Wednesdays - so anything ordered from the site will only be shipped on those days. This means it can take several weeks before an order goes out our door. Due to time constraints, Katie does not send out order confirmations as this would delay shipping items even more, but if you received a receipt e-mail from Paypal, rest assured that we got your order and Katie will ship it out as quickly as she can.
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