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June 12, 2018
Howdy folks,

Check out our eBay auctions:

Currently listed: A 1988 promotional poster for The Art of Mirage Studios gallery show signed by the Mirage mob, Jim Lawson original art: page 10 from Tales of the TMNT vol. 2 #53 (2008), Mutations Raphael & Michelangelo 2-Pack (2004), Mutations Foot Soldier VS Leonardo 2-Pack (2004), Mutations Raphael VS Shredder 2-Pack (2004), Space Hoppin' Donatello (2004), Space Hoppin' Leonardo (2004), Space Hoppin' Michelangelo (2004), and Space Hoppin' Raphael (2004).

Coming up next week: Biker Donatello (2003), Scootin' Leonardo (2003), Thrashin' Mike (2003), Skatin' Raphael (2003), Deep Divin' Donatello (2004), TMNT Mini Lot: Don, Mike, Leo, and Raph (2002), Jim Lawson original art: page 11 of Tales of the TMNT v2 #53.

Now that Mirage is in its "ramped down" phase, Katie (our entire shipping department) is only working on Mondays and Wednesdays - so anything ordered from the site will only be shipped on those days. This means it can take several weeks before an order goes out our door. Due to time constraints, Katie does not send out order confirmations as this would delay shipping items out even more, but if you received a receipt e-mail from Paypal, rest assured that we got your order and Katie will ship it out as quickly as she can.
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